DETI in conjunction with the ERRIN network hosted a Cyber Security brokerage event in the offices of the Northern Ireland Assembly in Brussels on the 30th September.

Over 60 cyber security experts from across Europe heard up to date information on the upcoming Cyber Security calls in Horizon 2020.

Case studies showcasing cyber security successes in H2020 were presented to attendees, including a presentation from David Crozier from CSIT outlining the successes they have had in H2020 so far. This presentation highlighted Northern Ireland’s expertise in the cyber security arena and provided those attending to have the chance to interact and connect with NI based Cyber Security experts.

Following the case studies, flash presentations were heard from the attending companies and researchers from across Europe, followed by a networking and brokerage session.

The event saw many new connections being formed and in depth discussions on the upcoming calls taking place.

Leading industry players such as Fujitsu were in attendance with a view to making greater linkages with Cyber security experts from across the EU.

DETI H2020 Cyber Event

DETI H2020 Cyber Event

DETI H2020 Cyber Event


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